Compare And Contrast The Ziggurats To The Pyramids

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Compare and contrast the Ziggurats to the Pyramids. Explain not only the physical differences, but also the difference in their uses. Pyramids and Ziggurats had similar forms but they had physical differences and were used in different ways. Ziggurats were religious structures made of brick platforms that took the form of a pyramid with a flat platform with terraces with long stair cases that led to the shrine or temple located at the top. The ziggurats were used mainly for worship and it was considered the home of the gods and a place where they were thought to reveal themselves. Only the priest, religious officers and their staff were only able to get in. Pyramids were four-sided massive monuments used for the tombs of royalty and important upper class people that would guarantee immortality for the people buried there. The pyramids structure was elaborate and complexes that were made from limestone blocks. Also at the center of the pyramid was a chamber held for the pharaohs mummified body’s surrounded by their treasurer which they thought they could carry with them to the afterlife( Culture and Values, Cunningham /Reich, 2010 , chapter 1). What is the central concept of Taoism and what does it emphasize? The central concept of Taoism is harmony with natural process in the inner (within ourselves) and outer (our surrounding) world. Taoism begun in china over 25000 yrs ago created by a sage named Confucius he wanted to create a new and virtuous social order. Taoism teached and emphasized the limitation of human perceptio, passivity, resignation and simple guidelines to live a good life in harmony with nature and the universe (Culture & Values, Cunnigham/Reich, 2010, chapter 5, pg 123). Tao means “the way”, following one’s own path without disturbing nature order and accepting the good and the bad as part of the way. Taoism can be compared to the Yin Yang

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