Compare and Contrast the Works of the Matrix, Plato, and Descartes

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------------------------------------------------- Compare and Contrast Erica Means February 18, 2013 Phil 201-B62 LUO Prof. Vena February 18, 2013 Phil 201-B62 LUO Prof. Vena Compare and Contrast After reading the synopsis from the Matrix, Plato’s The Republic(The Allegory of the Cave),and Descartes Meditation I,I see that there are some similarities as well as differences. I would have to say that The Matrix and Plato’s cave allegory were more similar because the people involved in both stories, they were living in a world where they were being deceived about what the truth was. In the Matrix, once Neo saw the real world and that everything he thought was real was actually an illusion, is very similar to the shadows on the walls of the cave that the prisoners were seeing in Plato’s Allegory of the cave. In both stories both characters were able to experience the fake world and reality and were given the chance to see the truth and were confused. However, the prisoner in Plato’s story after gaining this new knowledge let others in bondage know of his new found knowledge but felt that the first truth was easier to except. On the other hand Neo in The Matrix decided he wanted to learn what the real truth was. Both characters were interested in find out the truth but they accepted the truth differently. Plato thought it was necessary for the chained man in the Allegory of the Cave needed to escape from the cave to seek the truth. However, Descartes, in Meditations I raises the question how could he know with certainty that the world he lived in wasn’t an illusion forced upon him by a demon. He poses this question because he said he believes what he dreams so how can he trust his senses to let him know when he is not dreaming. Descartes believes that you cannot trust your senses for truth. Like in

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