Compare and Contrast the Ways in Which Love Is Presented in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Carol Ann Duffy’s Rapture.

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Compare And Contrast The Ways In Which Love Is Presented In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Carol Ann Duffy’s Rapture. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is perhaps the most recognised love story in the world today, although it is not legendary for its presentation of many different types of love, but for its triumphant description of one love. This story captured the hearts of those in Elizabethan England, first they were intrigued by the setting: Verona. Italy was infamous at the time for passionate love and murderous feuds of which the play provided in generous quantities. Then they were captivated by the notion of ‘star-crossed lovers’, and finally distraught when they witnessed the tragedy-stricken conclusion. And this story has the same emotional magnitude on us today as it did half a century ago. Carol Ann Duffy, gives an entirely different, more contemporary image of love in Rapture. Duffy’s poems are known to tackle issues in today’s society and develop a readers empathy with citizens often segregated from society. This collection absorbs the reader into a raw, honest state of lust, love and obsession. When comparing the pieces, we can get a stronger idea of how love has evolved and developed in the past 400 years, as seeing the love in Romeo and Juliet in conjunction with Rapture we understand how people’s attitude to love has changed. Shakespeare explores lust repeatedly throughout Romeo and Juliet, making frequent sexual puns but it is in Act 1 Scene 1 we witness Romeo in ‘love’ with a woman named Rosaline. With further analysis we can uncover that Romeo is only really in love with the idea of being in love, for his mind shifts so freely and frequently. Romeo talks of Love’s view ‘muffled still’ and ‘pathways to his will’ romantic notions made inconsequential as he follows with ‘Where shall we dine?’ This question causes us to consider the
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