Compare And Contrast The Ways In Which 'Hell Is Round The Corner' And 'Blessing' Present Society.

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Compare and contrast the ways in which 'Hell is Round The Corner' and 'Blessing' present society. in many ways these two peoms are the same. they both talk about poor areas, with alot of misfortune and hard situations. however as you look closer, there is a greater difference, between the two peoms. in hell is round the corner, the poet is talking about a poor area which is drug and violence ridden where the 'blessing' would be a way out of the bad area and the society, and conflict between gangs however what the peoeple class as a 'blessing' in the poem blessing couldnt be much different from that of hell is round the corner. in the poem blessing their 'blessing' is water, the villagers are elated when the pipe bursts and they treat it as a blessing of god, which therefore presents one of the many contrast in society. the difficulties in the two poems are very much the same; both poets are striving for greater things, however what they are striving for is very different. in hell is round the corner, the atmosphere set is very dull and downbeat and remains this way throughout the poem, giving the impression, the poet has not much hope for greater things. 'we're living on a skelter' indicates that they are living in a downward spiral and there is no hope of it ever getting better. however much the downbeat tone of the poem sets a dull, depressing atmosphere, there are a few line which indicate the smallest ray of hope 'i'm a good neighbour' and 'lobotomy ensures my good behaviour' make it seem as if he strives for acceptance and a good life but he is constantly been knocked back 'if you believe i'll decieve' indicating that people do no have a lot of faith in him or trust him to do well. throughout the poem, the poet gives off the feeling that he is judged. 'let me take you down the corridors of my life' he wants you to have an insight into his life, so you can

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