Compare And Contrast The Three Empires Of Songhana

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The Three Empires The three empires of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai all have a historical past that contribute the history of Africa. Each empire obtained and consolidated dominion over its neighbors, each empire collapse, and what caused the empires to collapse. Ghana started out as a successful empire due to the resources they acquired. They were adopted by the Arabic way, which during the time was a major ideal of the time. Arabic culture help make the empire have dominion over its neighbors. Another fact that made Ghana have power was their trade in goods, which included copper and iron technology. Towards 1000 C.E. Muslims attacked Ghana, and their resources started to decrease. The problem that happened was with the decrease in resources the Ghana Empire just suffered, which resulted with the down fall in 1203 where Kumbi took over.…show more content…
The Mali Empire was strong with forces, which their empire was the size of Western Europe. Mali was a world power, which made them over more dominion of its neighbors. Mali traded with Europe and Egypt, which were very successful because most of the trade items were gold. Mali adopted the religion of Islam, which was another addition contribution to their success. The fall of the Mali Empire was the death of their leader Mansa. Once their leader died the power decrease; resulted with the downfall of Mali. Songhai took over when they weakened the Mali Empire. Songhai was success over their neighbors based on their resources. Songhai use the Niger River to their advantage, where there were able to use as a trade route. The Songhai Empire also converted to Islam. Askia Mohammad was the leader of the Songhai Empire. The Empire increasing got stronger which gave them dominion over its neighbors. The fall of their empire was losing resources and death of leaders. With new leaders each time the kingdom was
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