Compare And Contrast The Roaring 20s

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A Decade of Contrast The Roaring 20's The decade of the 20s proved to be an era of contradiction, filled with new ideas, hope, despair, fear, and excitement. There were easily recognized progress durning the decade. Like a new meaning of rights for women, with the flapper movement. Also new inventions and technologies were introduced. And, a new blend of culture and music came about, known as the "Jazz Age". To go along with all of the progress being made in the United States, to contrast, racial discrimination was re emerging and becoming more prevalent. Also, alcohol was made illegal and was creating major conflict. Last, and the most devastating, the stock market crash. To begin with, an obviously positive aspect of the roaring 20s was then new definition of women's rights. women were making their own decisions and being more independent than ever. women were taking on the same responsibilities as men and holding factory working jobs. also, many were taking the side of men with the same attitude toward prohibition. they were smoking, drinking, and even going out to parties. they were cutting there hair to shoulder length and wearing dresses and skirts shorter than ever. the twenties really were roaring for the women of this era. To continue on, as a…show more content…
The 1920′s could be described as economic boom gone bust. The early 1900′s began with an advancing industrial revolution and ended with the Stock Market Crash of 1929, which is one reason it is known as an era of contrast. The trigger that caused the great depression began with the boom in sales of stocks in a bull market. Credit was developed and debt was created. Stock prices hit rock bottom and wild selling left banks with little in reserves to stabilize. Banks had to shut down because they had no more funds. The Great Depression was the most devastating aspect of the roaring

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