Compare And Contrast The Red Scare And The Crucible

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Grace Kim Mr. Hind AP ENGLISH P. 6 12 January 2009 Americans tend to fear change. We do all that we can to reject and avoid it. The invention of airplanes, cars, and computers scared people because it was different than what the people were used to: horse carriages, hot air balloons, and encyclopedias. One newspaper reporter witnessed the works of an airplane with the Wright Brothers, but he still chose not to write about it in the local newspaper. Why? Even though the reporter saw the airplane with his own two eyes, he was too scared to believe that it actually existed. Both the Red Scare and the Salem Witch Trial rejected innocent people for expressing their views; you can sense the fear of change in both of these corresponding…show more content…
Giles Corey told Reverend Hale that his wife would read some kind of book that made her bitter, and whenever he walked into the house, she would stop reading it. This “suspicious action” caused Martha Corey to be held for trial, and she was eventually sent to prison. Simply reading a book risked Martha’s name as well as her life because of a panic-ridden atmosphere. The hysteria of the Red Scare and the Salem Witch Trial not only brought false accusations but also deceit. To avoid being accused of being a Communist or a witch, people would snitch on other innocent people in order to get a free pass. During the intense tension of the witch hunt, Abigail Williams put in all her effort to have Elizabeth Proctor accused of witchcraft. She stabbed herself with a needle, and planted a doll with a needle on its thigh in the Proctor’s household. The great lengths Abigail went through to convict Proctor of witchcraft led to lies, harm, and scorn. The same went for those who accused innocent people of involvement in the Communist Party; people were looked down upon with disgust and shame. Accused citizens of Salem and people of the movie industry of the 1950s were neglected from the society as a whole. Accused citizens of Salem were considered worthless and all of society wanted them hanged; as for the actors and directors of the entertainment industry, Hollywood rejected them. Directors and writers wrote their plays anonymously and barely received credit for their work. Society’s goal was to dismiss those who were threats to society, but instead society became the threat
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