Compare and Contrast the Purpose and Audience of Two Non-Fiction Texts.

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Compare and contrast the purpose and audience of two non-fiction texts. In this essay I will be comparing and contrasting two non-fiction texts. Article A is called “What is fame?” .Article A is an extract from a book about fame. The article analyses how the idea and definition of fame has changed over the past 200 years, and it is aimed at any readers who are interested in the history and background of fame. Contrastingly article B is called “Welcome to Brit school!” Article B is an article from ‘The observer newspaper’. The article explains how hard pupils work at Brit school. Article B is also aimed at any readers interested about fame, yet it could be argued that it’s also aimed at parents who would like to get their child into performing. Article A’s language is formal but with no quotations of people’s points of view. The writer of this article has cleverly used rhetorical questions throughout the article. The heading is a good example of the writer’s use of rhetorical questions; it gives us an idea of what the article is about and what it is going to explain. The rhetorical questions are an easy way to get readers to think about what the messages and what writer is talking about. Article B is formally presented with the use of language that most ages could understand but the main use of language is aimed at teenagers and adults. In comparison to Article A, Article B is slightly emotive and persuasive due to the fact it does not mention other performing arts schools, this can give readers a sense of being biased. This shows people that Article B wants to promote awareness just about Brit school! The information that is presented in Article A is very informative and is very simple with its use of words so many ages can understand what the article is about, however the language is unlikely to be understood by readers around toddler age. Article B is
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