Compare And Contrast The Protestant Reformation And The Scientific Revolution

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Jarrod Markley Elizabeth Williams History 1623 February 7, 2013 Europe’s Cultural Movements Between 1500 and 1800, Europe went through three great cultural movements: the Protestant Reformation, the Scientific Revolution, and the Enlightenment. This essay will be comparing and contrasting the Protestant Reformation and the Scientific Revolution. Lets start with the Protestant Reformation. It began in the second decade of the sixteenth century in the cities of Germany and Switzerland. In some cities, the Reformation boomed, some cities it slowly worked its way to being Protestant and in others, it would be protestant for just a short time before either: changing back or being divided. “Evidence also suggests that people who felt pushed around and bullied by either local or distant authority… often perceived an ally in the Protestant movement” (Kagan, Ozment, and Turner 272-351). Major influences came from social and political groups. “A Protestant sermon or pamphlet praising religious freedom seemed directly…show more content…
Newton also changed the way we, even today, look at physics. Because of Newton, we learned that the reason that the planets all stay in perfect rotation with one another and not just going around everywhere is because of gravity pulling on them (Kagan, Ozment, and Turner 272-351). What did both the Protestant Reformation and the Scientific Revolution have in common? They both went against the church. The Roman Catholic Church didn’t want people to use science to explain things in the universe because it went against what they believe God did. Just like for example, the Big Bang Theory. Even though the Big Band Theory did not come into effect until the twentieth century, it goes against what Christian’s believe because they are denying that God created the universe and instead are saying that it was created by a cataclysmic event out in space. And our galaxy was

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