Compare And Contrast The Principles And Beliefs Of Jewish Religion

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RELIGION and ETHNIC DIVERSITY PAPER Deborah Hunt-Evans ETH/125 Saturday, March 23, 2013 ANGIE ANDRIOT 1. The Jewish principles and beliefs are on one fact. Their faith is based on a very important fact, and that is that there only one indivisible all-powerful, all-knowing, all present God. He was fair and just, the creator of the universe as well as all mankind. They believe…show more content…
If we go back to World War 11- when the Germans had forced the Jewish people to wear yellow stars that identify who they were. This was just so they could be placed in the concentration camps later by the Nazis. You had most Germans believing that the Jews were below them. There for they never felt anything for discriminating against them, just because of whom they were. Because they had prejudged the Jews and felt that they were not worthy to live, so they decided to kill them all. With today’s society, we have Anti-Semitism that just hate Jews and have so much contempt for them, just based on stereotypes and myths. They send out prejudice and hate, which leads to violence Ant-Semitism, first you have to understand the word and system called “Semitism”, this can be traced back to a German agitator named Wilhelm Marr. He would use the term “Antsemitismus” in a book that is named “The Way to Victory of Germanicism over Judaism”, published in 1879. You have two reasons to understanding how these words came into being “ant-Semitism”. You see the first was not aimed at the Jews. Instead this was for the groups that openly hated the Jews. Then you have the second, which is directed to the hatred of the Jews. When you use the word “Semites” you know that there is no other race that someone can be talking about. You see the Germans chose these words so people would not know that they were talking about the
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