Compare And Contrast The New England And Chesapeake Colonies Dbq

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Early American colonial history is made up of the settling of the European colonists and their creation of a new civilization on the North American Eastern coast. While these colonists all had the similar goal to reach the New World, their motifs for leaving Europe as well as their intentions once settled in America were very different. America served almost as a utopia where troubled Europeans could escape their lives and come to the New World to create their ideal lifestyle and live by their own beliefs. The colony of New England was made up of English colonists, mainly families, who had left due to religious persecution, traveling to the New World to practice their Christian religion freely and lead peaceful lives in unity. On the other…show more content…
Both the New England and the Chesapeake regions were traveled to around the same time, but each regions’ ships carried very different passangers. According to Document C, those who traveled to the Chesapeake were nearly all males ranging from ages 14 to 50. Unlike the families traveling to New England, these males were leaving England to discover the riches of the New World. Although most were wealthy already, they hoped that their conquests would bring them even more fortune to their names. According to Document F, these Chesapeake men had greatly different definitions of what a community was than the families of the New England region. Once in the New World the men were exposed to abuse by their commanders and were stripped of most belongings. There was no sense of equality or unity within the Chesapeake society; many of the men were made into slaves and used to make other men rich. In the fight to receive any sort of fortune, many men died and were soon forgotten about. Through these documents one already gets a sense of peace and care in New England versus competition and cruelty in the

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