Compare and Contrast the Muslim and Christian Motivations to Fight the Crusades.

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How did the Christians and Muslim fight in the first place? Jerusalem was the midpoint of belief for three of the world’s major religion. For the Jews, it was their motherland. For the Muslims, it was where the Prophet Muhammad risen to heaven. And for the Christians, it was where Jesus Christ was born and crucified, and the place where most of the New Testament took place. The city of Jerusalem had been concurred by the Muslims in during the 600s C.E., and after 400 years, the Christians want their Holy Land back. Therefore, that was how the First Crusades started, following by the Second – when the Muslims fought for their Holy Land back, and Third – when King Richard the Lionheart surrendered. The Crusades was basically a Holy War among the Muslims and the Christians, and how did they fight in it depended on what motivates them. The Christians and Muslims both have the same motive to fight in the crusades, however the Christians soon abuse their power as time passes. The main motive to fight in the Crusades for both Muslims and Christians had to do with religion. Jerusalem was the Holy Land for both religions, and both religions fought to reclaim their land. The Muslims did not see the crusades as a Holy War but just an ordinary war. Since the Muslims have already invaded Jerusalem for almost half a millennium, they will of course defend their land against the Christians who wanted to take over it all of a sudden. The Muslims only fought back to defend their Holy Land, and their own thought of Muslim power. It is the thirst of salvation that drives the Christians into fighting the First Crusades. In the year 1088, Pope Urban II became the new pope of Constantinople, and have thought of putting the Catholic Church back onto the political map. So in November 11095, the Pope recited a sermon: a plea for all the Christians to have a war for the Catholic Church.

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