Compare And Contrast The Four Freedoms

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3.04- Compare and Contrast essay In the 21st century the world is continuously changing all around us, from the discovery of fire and invention of the wheel to the newest iPhone that's in your pocket. I doubt anything like the way we view freedom from fear will ever change though. In the Four freedoms speech by our 32nd president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, it was said that there are four freedoms that we as Americans hope to achieve, we as Americans must work towards these freedoms for the people of the future. These freedoms include: one, the freedom of speech, which is the first amendment of the Constitution, any where and every where in the world. Two, the freedom to be able to worship god in your own way anywhere in the world. The third freedom is is the freedom from want or jealousy which can be known as the freedom from greed. Fourth is the freedom from fear itself. Everyone in the whole world is entitled to these freedoms Freedom is the one desire, that no matter where you come from or who you are, wants. “Freedom means the supremacy of human rights everywhere.” In President Obama's welcoming speech for the prime minister of the United Kingdom, he talks about freedom. The freedom he talked about was specifically the freedom from fear and how no one in the whole world should…show more content…
Roosevelt and Obama's welcoming spe4ech are inspiring and are closely related to each other in a topically manner. Both of which spoke about the subject “ freedom from fear.” our strongest emotion. Both also believed that everyone in the world has the right to this freedom no matter who they are. But the specific way that they viewed there current fears were different, Roosevelt was talking about the fear of economic downfall in the country wile Obama was speaking of physical threats from other countries. But still both believed in the fight against fear and no matter what that fear is of the people everywhere should be free from

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