Compare and Contrast the Doll House and the Awakening Essay

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Poetry Homework Week II NAME: Erwin, Megan Read the following poems and briefly answer the questions in a digital file and submit it to the eCompanion dropbox. NOTE: There is a copy of this homework on eCompanion to download. 1) “so much depends,” p. 653—How many images are there in the poem ? How many words? There’s not a rhyme scheme, but describe the repeating pattern. There are 3 images. 16 words. This poem has 4 stanza's, 3 word then 1 each one. 2) “Four haiku,” p. 652—What is a traditional haiku (p. 130)? Read the four historic haiku. Find 2 visual images, 2 examples of touch imagery, and 1 example of sound imagery. Traditional haiku single sentence that consists of five syllables, patterns are based on imagery. 3) “Haiku,” p.653—Which line seems symbolic, like it symbolizes more than its physical meaning? How does this modern poem compare to the historic ones—are there any similarities or differences you notice? 4) “In a Station of a Metro,” p. 630—This two-line poem contains a strong metaphor. What is being compared with what? What is the irony of the image compared with the title? Faces in the crowd are being compared to a metro, and petals are being compared to black bough. Black bough and metro are dark. 5) “You Will Forget,” p. 502—Pick out an example of each type of imagery: sight, sound, and touch. On page 212, see the repetitive device called anaphora. How is it used in this poem? What is the theme—the main idea the author wants you to understand? A woman with a bundle of grass on her neck, wailing, cracked lips. You will forget, If you stay in comfort to long. That life isn't always easy and you have to life through it. 6) “Who Among You Knows the Essence of Garlic?” p. 619 Find three similes and tell what is compared with what for each. Find three examples of personification. Find one example of imagery

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