Compare And Contrast The Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol Essay I chose Ebenezer Scrooge for the topic of my essay because I thought I could find the most information about him than any other character, since the story is about him. This essay is about the three versions of The Christmas Carol, which are the book, the Tim Burton movie, and the Theatre play. This essay includes: what Scrooge symbolized, what my favorite version was, the differences between the book, movie, and play, and what I would change about Scrooge. According to an eNotes editor, Scrooge symbolizes greed. He symbolizes greed because in the beginning of the book, play, and movie, all he cares about is money. We find out later that he was not always obsessed with being wealthy. We also find out that his fiancée left him because he loved money more than her. Everything he does is with the intentions to make money. He would give up all the people he loved for money. He does not like children…show more content…
Here are a few that stood out. In the book, Scrooge’s pajamas are plain white. In the movie, his pajamas are vertically striped. In the beginning of all three versions Scrooge is a horrible, greedy man, and realizes that he was wrong to have so little compassion. In the movie, when he is visited by the ghost of Christmas Future, he runs away from the ghost and shrinks while running into a drain pipe. In both the book and play, this does not happen. In the play, Scrooge is a lot more flirtatious with the maid than in the book and movie. Another difference is that in the play and book, the date that he dies isn’t shown on his gravestone. In the movie, it shows the date of December twenty-fifth on his gravestone. The last difference is that in the book, Scrooge is visited by The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Present, The Ghost of Christmas Future, and Marley. In the play Scrooge is visited by the four ghosts plus several ghosts that appeared with
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