Compare And Contrast The Book Vs The Code Of Hammurabi Essay

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Andrew George Western Civilization 9/13/10 The Roman Twelve Tables Vs. The Code of Hammurabi In today's society we have a system to keep the people safe and in check, this system is known as laws. Simply put if you do something that society does not permit, you get punished. As laws have evolved to hundreds of thousands of them all over the world. With countries having their own set of laws some different in every country and to their cultures. Some have the death penalty and some have fines, it just depends on what went on in the situation. The Code of Hammurabi was the first known set of laws in 1780 BC and the second known set of laws were the Roman Twelve Tables in 450 BC. These laws were created in the Mesopotamian era, and they were most successful. These laws are what we have used to create the laws today, without having the Code of Hammurabi and The Roman Twelve Tables; the rules today could have been completely different. But were these two Codes of law the same? Or where they different in there own time? The Code of Hammurabi and the Roman Twelve Tables can be compared and contrasted to what I think, are very similar views and rules, yet very different. These codes of law were created to monitor and protect the societies at hand. Hammurabi’s code of laws was created 1330 years before the…show more content…
The Roman Twelve Tables would have a trail for many things to see if they were guilty or not. Hammurabi's Code, if broken, could just have the consequence done to them without a trail and even trying to explain them. For example if a women were caught with another man having intercourse both would be put to death unless the women’s husband pardoned her. In the twelve tables there were laws stating boundaries between buildings and land had to be so many feet and anything on your neighbors land was theirs. Hammurabi’s code had no laws about boundaries between

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