Compare And Contrast Tea Party And Occupy Wall Street

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Christianne Tisch 1/12/2012 UNV-104 Even though on the surface they look like very different movements, The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street both had the same issues in mind when the protests took place. Although both movements would deny any similarities, this essay is going to take a look at the facts that link them, making them more alike than they appear at first glance. While Occupy Wall Street started as a peaceful movement on September 17th, in the beginning all they said was "democracy not corporatocracy" (Krauthamer, 2011). It soon turned into a real movement, With Issues like Health Care Reform, and Tax percentages being paid by big and small business alike. The Tea party movement started out very differently, outrage…show more content…
Occupy Wall Street’s Main goal is unknown, however; some of their goals include bank reform, more and better jobs, economic justice, and getting money out of politics. While the goals for their issues may be different, both movements are focused on money, politics, and how our tax dollars are being spent. While the Tea Party movement has turned into a political party, the occupy Wall Street movement is saying they do not want to be associated with any political parties. Moreover from the air, they both look alike, in that there is anger, they are demanding to be heard, and they have legitimate concerns said former Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, whose 2010 re-election bid was hindered by the Tea Party opposing him. Both the tea party and occupy Wall Street movements have been dismissed as not being very important. Both movements have started out being rooted in anger with the government’s financial decisions. And they are outraged by the federal bailout of Wall Street in 2008, “according to several experts who study political and social movements.” (Douglas,
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