Compare and contrast Stalin and Lenin

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Compare and contrast Stalin and Lenin Ones of the most famous XX century figures in Russia were Stalin(ruling 1924-1953) and Lenin (ruling 1918-1924). They both wanted to change Russia and even the whole world. They had a very big impact to our world, even now there are historians who still analyzes their work and we still do not have the current truth about them, just suggestions with some reasonable evidence. In this paper we will present differences and similarities between these two the most known rulers of Russia their ideologies, economical view, foreign policies and how they got and saved the power. To begin with, both Lenin and Stalin had some similarities in their ideology. They both followed Marxism theory and they wanted to improve Russia’s wellbeing. They both followed Marxism theory which claimed that all industry which is inside Russia has to belong to the state, for instance banks, fabrics, heavy industry has to be centralized and passed to the state. Also, they both thought that one man can rule the state, and so they did: Lenin led the country for 6 years and Stalin for almost 30 years. On the other hand, these two supreme leaders had ideological differences, which were used during the time, when they were in power. We can say that Lenin was more a political theorist and ideologue, and believed in socialism as the only way to save the working class from bourgeoisie usage, they wanted that there be only one equal class. However, Stalin presented his socialism not only as being pure as Lenin, but as also the only acceptable variant of socialism. His ideology served an ulterior purpose of reinforcing his legitimacy and authority . Furthermore, “A Short Course” (book written by Stalin) was not just purely ideological work but a political justification as its last chapter dealt with the liquidation of his opponents. Stalin stated that although
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