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China: Political: China had 2 big dynasties the Zhou(1027-221) and the Shang(1750-1027)b.c.e. areas around the core kingdom were ruled by other members of the royal family or high ranking nobility. Around 800 b.c.e the Zhou power weekend so nomadic gropes started to attack and local rulers became more independent leading to wars with each other. Economic: products of the Chinese were silk, wheat, rice, and bronze. Possessing bronze objects was a sing of authority. Religious: the Chinese people wold worship there male ancestors.they also had rituals to sacrifice people during the shang period. When the zhou took over they claimed the gods gave them the through as long as they guided the people wisely and called their rule “mandate of the havens.” Social: the nomadic people of the western and northern areas during the Shang…show more content…
One thing they had in comen was that they both had natural barriers separating them from other meager civilizations. Another major similarity was that religion played a big role in leaders staying in power because in china the Zhou claimed that gods gave them the through as long as they guided the people wisely and called their rule “mandate of the havens” and in Egypt it was believed that the pharah was a god on earth and he was son of Re. Finally another similarity is that they both depended on annual floods for the grouth of there crops. Differences: even doe Egypt and china have many things in common they also differ a lot. A way they differ is that Egypt has more of a dry flat land and china is mostly raised wet land. Also, another difference between them Is that in Egypt they build massive monuments for the pharaohs were as in china it might have bin a big deal it wasn’t to that extent. Lastly they differ in religion because Egyptians are polytheistic and the Chinese people worship their male

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