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DBQ Essay Kevin Mondragon September 12, 2014 Mr. Tuell At the fall of the Roman Empire, Europe was divided into many weak kingdoms, and found themselves in trouble. Knights became the warriors of Europe, they were known for protecting the people. On the other side of the world, Japan found itself on almost the same exact situation. People needed protection from clans. The general of the Minamoto, became the head man of the Samurais, very much like the knights they swore to protect their people. From roughly 1000-1600 CE the Samurais were trained to be warriors to defend Japan, and the Knights were trained warriors to defend Europe. They were different, but they were more alike than different, because of their Class Systems and loyalty, their armor and military training, and their Honor and views of death. Both the Samurais and the Knights were similar in their Class Systems and loyalty. They were both part of the Feudal System (Doc A). They both swore to their lords that they would protect them. Both the Knights and Samurais were very loyal to their lords, but the Samurais were more honorable and respectful to the lords, because they dedicated their life and also their families (Doc B). Overall they both were very similar in the way they served their lords. The major difference was that for Knights the…show more content…
In Japan, at young age of 14, the children that trained were already becoming Samurais. At the age of 14 in Europe, the children worked hard alongside Knights to gain approval and become a Knight at about the age of 21. Both were trained very rigorously (Doc C). Both wore armor, with small differences in the way they were made, they were both used to protect themselves against their enemies (Doc D). The Samurais and Knights both dedicated their lives to training to become worthy warriors, they both wore protection for the same purpose, and their way of life was very

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