Compare and Contrast Rousseau and Marx

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Topic: Political Theory Since the beginning of humanity, humans have forever attempted to ensure their survival. In order to achieve such, humanity has constructed great and small civilizations that have flourished and vanished throughout the ages; some being powerful with great influence while others have faded away. Nonetheless all civilizations have added to the sum of great innovations and human achievements. In the unfolding of new ideologies during the Age of Enlightenment and furthermore, these ideologies have allowed society to move away from mystical and religious believes and instead be driven by reason and buoyant optimism. The men of this age such as Rousseau and later on Karl Marx have challenged the out dated philosophies and with great influence introduce new political theories. A.1). In the book On The Social Contract written by Jean- Jacques –Rousseau, in 1762; Rousseau’s’ main theme that he address is the topic that total freedom is obtainable when man enters into its natural state of nature. Rousseau states that “man is born free, but he is everywhere in chains” (Rousseau and Cole 1), he asserts that the freedom with which we are born is constantly repressed by modern states, in order for a society to attain full civil rights it must collaborate altogether along with the government. As for The Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx in collaboration with Friedrich Engels, in 1848; Marx’s main topic is that he attempts to illustrate the goals of communism and the theory of class relations that underline this movement, that are driven by economic systems. (Marx, Engels, and Taylor 95), B.2). The Communist Manifesto and On The Social Contract are books that both address issues regarding social and economic problems that are stressed by historical events. Socially these books stress that there is are ongoing class conflicts, in which there is a
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