Compare and Contrast Romeo and Juliet

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In Lurhman’s version of Romeo and Juliet, he conveys the emotionality of the characters in a more believable way than the more traditional version by Zeffereli. When you read the play, you can’t always tell exactly how the characters are reacting to everything, so when you watch lurhmans version, he shows you more of the characters affection and proves the emotions better. So you can really understand and truly believe how the characters are feeling and reacting to every event that occurs. Maybe it is because he shows more comedy, and loving scenes. Zeffereli didn’t quite make the emotions of the characters believable to the audience; it was quite slow, boring and unclear. In Lurhman’s version, he really catches the intensity of Romeo and Juliet’s love, and how crazy their passion for each other is. First example could be the scene where they first meet at the Capulet party. When they meet, you can obviously see that they immediately fall in love, and already have troubles going separate ways. This is shown clearly in lurhmans version; he captures the depth of their immediate obsession. They don’t quite yet realize that they are from the two opposing families. But when they find out one another’s identity, they still feel strongly enough for each other to fight to be together. In Zeffereli’s movie, it isn’t shown as obvious and convincing as in the newer film. All of this will be proven in the next scene I’m going to explain. Second is the balcony scene, where Romeo overhears Juliet speaking of him, so he makes his presence known to Juliet, and they exchange vows to one another. Juliet states that if Romeo’s intentions are true, then he will find a way to allow them to be married. Romeo would go to Friar Laurence to get his guidance for their wish to be married. This is proven scene by scene in Lurhman’s movie, not quite in Zeffereli’s film. Also in the
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