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Essay 7 In the early years of America, our government wasn’t too stable. The power was in the states’ hands rather than in the hands of the federal government. As time went on our country realized that the states had too much of the power and we decided to give a majority of the power to the federal government which would stabilize the power of America. Soon our country would go to war due to the decision of the government, and by doing this, our citizens would suffer. After war, America went through the Great Depression, and many families were struggling to support each other. To fix this problem, Franklin D. Roosevelt, our 32nd president created a program to relieve, recover and reform our country that was heading down hill. This program was known as the New Deal Program and was used to provide relief for the unemployed and poor; recovery…show more content…
One difference is Roosevelt started with the poor people by giving them aid for business, health, education and housing, while Reagan started from the top of the social classes by getting the wealthy involved in investing into businesses. Roosevelt’s plan was the New Deal Program, which involved some programs such as the AAA, CWA, SSA, and WPA. All of these dealt with civil rights, social status, employment or heath for the poor. On the other hand, Reagan had his trickle- down theory because the support of the wealthy in the economy would help out the poor. Roosevelt and Reagan both changed the government in their own ways as well. Roosevelt decided that the government should help the citizens, which our government had never really done before. Reagan decided to give the government less say in what the states could and couldn’t do. Both presidents made their own contributions to the government by doing what they thought were best, and both of their changes are still considered to the changes we make
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