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William Ortiz English 161 October 22, 2009 Powder Comparison In Powder by Tobias Wolff, a man and his son talk as they drive through heavy snow on their way to the boy’s house. They are going to the boy’s house to spend the holidays with the boy’s mother. The son and the father are similar in that they are both fun-loving and controlling, but the boy is different in that he is still young enough to escape his father’s irresponsible lifestyle. The boy and his father are fun-loving people. This is shown throughout the story. They both enjoy skiing, which considered a fun activity. They also take to risks for some extra enjoyment. This is shown when they get to the roadblock, the father asks the boy to move so they can get passed. It is dangerous to do this because of the snow, but both think it is fun because it is risky. The boy says “We drove away from the resort, right up to the barricade. ‘ Move it,’ my father told me,”(212) which would be them breaking the law to have a little fun.…show more content…
This is shown in many ways throughout the story. The father shows that he is controlling when they encounter the roadblock. The father wants to go over it even though it is dangerous and the police officer says he is not allowed. They then come back and the father demands that his son move the roadblock. The boy is controlling because he as started to take control of everything in his life. The boys says, “I was a boy who kept his clothes on numbered hangers,”(213) which showed that he was planning every single day ahead, and taking control of his daily

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