Compare and Contrast: Poe vs. King

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Compare and Contrast: Edgar Allen Poe verses Stephen King We can compare and contrast most anything in the world or out of it even. We can compare and contrast ideas, music, objects, space, theories, places and people. With this comparing and contrasting two authors who do the same style and concepts of writing but in different era’s makes for great debate and studies. In this sense, one can compare authors, such as their lives, their styles of writing, and their pieces of literature. There are many similarities and differences between Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King. Human beings have a tendency to have a morbid desire to explore the darker realms of life. As sensitive beings we make every effort to deny our curiosity in the things that frighten us, and will calmly reassure our children that there aren't any creatures under their beds each night, but deep down we secretly thrive on that cool rush of fear. This is why we slow down to look at car accidents, fires and find excitement in the macabre. We turn off the lights when watching scary movies, and when it’s time to go to bed, we secretly make sure the closet doors are shut. Fear keeps our hearts pumping and endorphins rushing, for it is an emotion that reminds us of our mortality. How ironic it is to experience more life in our fascination with death. The two legendary writers, Poe and King, have ruled the universe of death and horror with remarkable success, both gifted with the talent of introducing each reader to his or her own subconscious fears. Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King are the masters of their craft, blessed- or perhaps cursed- with imaginations that set higher standards in the field of writing. Both authors broke new ground in fiction that has had a significant impact on the world of literature. Though both mainly delved in the macabre, they are both also known for other works. Poe
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