Compare and Contrast Perfect Mate

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Compare and Contrast Perfect Mate Especially in today’s day and age, parents and their kids have different views on marriage. Parents, usually being married, have a more sophisticated view on it than their children do. After comparing my answers to my parents’s answers, its obvious that we have many similarities and few differences. To start, my perfect mate has to be a Christain. Ideally though, I would like him to attractive, funny, and smart, but those are just my prefences. 23 to 25 years old is the ideal age for marriage, in my opinion. I think this because you will most likley be out of collage and have a job. However, it all depends on your circumstances of your own life for when you should get married, because there is no definined age for marriage. I belive that parents should have a great say in who their child marries, because the parents are the ones who have raised up this child, and it seems silly for them to devot themselves to this person and then allow them to just marry and live with this for the rest of their lives whoever they want. I don’t have any expectations for my husband reguarding his job or what he should do around the house, but when we get married, we will discuss it farther about each other. I feel that the most important issue that couples should agree on prior to being married would be to agree to disagree. This will help settle future arguments before they reach an extreme level, because divorce should never be and option. In comparison to my answers, my parents’s answers have many similarities to mine. In a similar manner to my answer, my parents think that my perfect mate should be caring, compassionate, supportive, and a Christain guy. I said that around 23 to 25 years old is a good age for marrige,and my parents said that 25. Exactly like me, my parents agree that the parents should have a great deal of say in who their

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