Compare And Contrast Pancho Villa And Zapata

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Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa where two great and historic leaders of the Mexican revolution. Although similar in many ways, their movements where quite different. Firstly Pancho Villa was a dangerous and violent man who came from a poor background. Before the revolution, Villa was an outlaw who was very famous before the war. He was considered a legend before the the revolution. Villa taught himself all he needed to know about military combat. Considered a Campesino, he related very well with his people. What Pancho Villa was to the North, Emiliano Zapata was to the South. Emiliano Zapata was the opposite of Villa. He was a more” Quiet and calculating leader who will capture the hearts and minds of the people” (Telles, Storm That Swept Mexico) A kind and nobel man, who also came from an indigenous back-ground, and was also very violent. Both Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata wanted a weak central government. They also wanted…show more content…
The battle of Celaya, which occurred from april 6-15 in 1915, would be one of the bloodiest battles of the revolution in which Villa was defeated.The United States, shortly after, would recognize Venustiano Carranza as the President of Mexico. Outraged with the betrayal of the United States, Villa would invade US soil in Columbus Ohio, and once again, would be defeated by US troops. For years to come, Villa would continue to build his army but never again regained the power he once had. In 1923 Villa was assassinated in the back seat of his car. Zapata, on the other hand, was also defeated and was also betrayed. Zapata felt that he never got what he and his people where fighting for, which was land reform. Zapata began his own war against federal troops and also destroyed railroads. Zapata loved by many, was assassinated also by Carazan and his men in an ambush. Zapata was told to come to a meeting and was shot by Caranza’s

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