Compare And Contrast Of Dao, Anslem On Go, And Ganesha

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Compare and Contrast of Dao, Anslem on God, and Ganesha The Dao, Anslem on God, and Ganesha are similar by each religion’s use of sacred text, belief in a higher being, and the usage of followers. They all have a sacred text. The Dao’s sacred text is the Laozi, also known as The Five Thousand Character Classic. The Anslem’s sacred text is the Proslogion and the Monologion. Likewise, the Ganesha’s sacred text is the book, Puranas. Doaism’s higher being is called the Dao; the Anslem’s higher being is the Christian God; and the religion of Ganesha’s higher being is the Hindu god, Ganesha. They all have followers, which are Dao’s Chinese followers, Anslem’s Christian followers, and Ganesha’s Hindu followers. The Dao and Anslem are different from Ganesha because they do not use idols for worship. They sacrifice for their religion, and their religious thought depends upon their social class. The Dao and Anslem do not use idols for worship like Ganesha. Ganesha has an idol of their god, which is an image of a human body with an elephant head. The Dao and Anslem both sacrifice for their gods in different ways. The Dao gives sacrifices to honor their ancestors in order to insure good crops, and the Anslem sacrifice their time in earnest prayer. Ganesha does not sacrifice to their god. The Dao’s and Anslem’s religious thought depends on their social class, and Ganesha’s religious thought depends upon where the followers live. The Dao and Anslem have more time to practice their religion when they have money and were therefore a part of the church. The peasants and working class had less time for religious thought. Ganesha’s religion is less populated in America, which makes it easier to keep faith and culture alive. Therefore, although Dao, Anslem, and Ganesha are different in practice, all three religions have sacred texts, believe in a higher being, and have
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