Compare And Contrast Of Crucible And Scarlet Lettr

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The Crucible When one commits a sin, they must first forgive or accept themselves before they expect others to forgive or accept them. This is a concept that had to be accepted by the characters Hester and John. Hester Prynne, from The Scarlet Letter, committed adultery with the town’s minister and had a child. John Proctor, from The Crucible, also committed adultery with a woman, Abigail Williams, while his wife was pregnant. While the differences between John Proctor and Hester Prynne are countless, there are still several striking similarities between the two. One major similarity between the John and Hester is that they both committed adultery. They were lured in by temptation and committed a sin that was against the views of their societies. They both also had to except what they had done and take responsibility for their actions. Proctor tried to protect his wife from this and Hester tried to protect Dimsdale’s name; unfortunately they were both punished for it. John and Hester still have their differences. One difference was how they were punished for their sin. Proctor was condemned to death for his sin and Hester was put on a public scaffold for her sin. Also Hester’s name was known thru the town to have committed adultery. John didn’t want people to think badly of him or his good name. This shows the differences between the two. No matter how different, John and Hester both fought for the same things. Even though they committed a sin, they took responsibility for their actions. They kept information from society to protect the one they love. Unfortunately, they were both punished for their sins they committed. I the end though, they accepted themselves for what they
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