Compare And Contrast Of Buddhism And Christianity

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Buddhism and Christianity are both salvation religions, created to promise a better life after the one they are currently living in. Buddhism starting in fourth century BCE diffused differently than Christianity in about seventy-five CE. Buddhism did not have much opposition, in fact many lower castes joined easily because Buddhism did not recognize the caste system which was strongly in place in India, and India was made up of mostly lower castes that were not treated as well as Brahmins for example. Christianity on the other hand, being started by a Jewish teacher, was opposed by the Roman government, which at the time was against Jewish people, having enslaved them and taken their finances. Both Christianity and Buddhism had many factors that caused them to diffuse to other lands differently and some aspects that caused them to diffuse similarly. Buddhism originally started out as a way of life, a doctrine called the Four Noble Truths, calling for the understanding that all life includes suffering, that desire is the cause of suffering, that ending of desire is an end to suffering, and that if you live a life in accordance to the Eight Fold Path then that brings an end to desire, which in the end would lead them to nirvana, a state of personal salvation. Christianity, on the other hand was the belief that believing in a certain god would be your personal salvation. Also, Siddhartha Gautama, later called Buddha, announced his new doctrine and beliefs at Deer Park of Sarnath in 528 BCE, which after he had 45 years to spread his beliefs until he died in 483 BCE. Another contrast would be that many women took part in the spread/ diffusion of Christianity while mostly devout monks took part in spreading Buddhism. Women spread Christianity mostly because it gave them a more equal standing with men, it did not by any circumstance create an equal society between men
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