Compare And Contrast: Mongol Rule Over China And Russia

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Chiedu Metu Ms. Phillips AP World History, Period 2 21 September 2013 Compare and Contrast: Mongol Rule over China and Russia Mongolian rule had a powerful effect on Chinese and Russian politics and economics. Genghis Khan was tolerant of all religions, which meant that both China and Russia got to keep their faiths. Although unlike Russia, the Chinese peasants were not as maltreated as the Russian peasants. Chinese peasants had restored granaries while the Russian peasants bore most of the burden of the tribute that the Russians had to pay the Mongols. During the period of Mongol rule, there were many political similarities and differences between China and Russia. For many years the Mongols crushed the Russian princes because each refused…show more content…
In Russia, the peasants were treated very poorly, Russian princes did not want to pay their share of the tribute, so they raised taxes on the peasants and kept some of the money for themselves. Unlike the Russians, Chinese peasants were treated fairly better had restored granaries and reduced taxes. While securing the empire in China, they secured the most valued trade region in all of Asia; the Silk Road. It was necessary for the Silk Road to be protected from bandits and thieves. It would be a great risk if travelers did not have a secure route to trade on. This brought the region great wealth from the additional Eastern European traders who brought goods, who had also not been seen in Asia since the last great dynasty. This was similar to Russia who now had safe access to trade routes to build its great cities. Safe trade brought by Mongol rule had a positive impact on the economy of Russia and China. While the Chinese already had a stable economy, the Russians did not. This was a major difference between the two civilizations. The Mongols introduced paper money into Russia which helped stabilize their economy from a recession due to the falling price of gold and silver. This saved the Russians from a terrible
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