Compare and Contrast Milkman and Guitars Personalities

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Song of Solomon Paper Throughout the book Song of Solomon, Toni Morrison exemplifies the issues that come with living in America as an African American during the civil rights movement. Since Milkman is well off and his father has provided a lifestyle that is different than the average African America he doesn’t notice the violence and how the whites are treating the blacks all across America like Guitar does. Guitar has been raised in a poor family without the presence of his father after an accident while at work. Guitar has no feeling for any white person and he never will, Toni shows that when Guitar repeats over and over, “White people are unnatural” he thinks they are another species unlike himself and he turns his life into making sure the whites get the revenge he feels they deserve (156). The passage, ““What I’m saying is, under… in the structure of their chromosomes” is a turning point in Song of Solomon because this is where the racial discrimination becomes a reality and a big problem for both characters (157). Toni Morrison does a good job of brings along the argument between Milkman and Guitar where Guitar explains his new calling of killing white people. She makes it sound like Guitar and Milkman are starting to drift away as friends, since Guitar is not talking to Milkman as much and when they are together they don’t joke around like they used to. Milkman gets frustrated with this and asks Guitar why he is hiding something from him. At this point in the novel, Toni Morrison makes it seem that Guitar and Milkman are just going to have another regular fight like they do in previous parts of the novel, but little did we know this argument was going to change the way the reader looks at Guitar forever. Guitar tells Milkman that he has joined a group that murders white people when they hear about an incident where a black person has been killed in the
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