Compare And Contrast Mexica And Aztecs

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Sean Turner Take Home Exam paper 10/12/09 The Mexica Empire and the Mounds people are considered to be two of the most prominent historical figures amongst the founding cultures of Mexico and Northern America. The Mexica society also known as the Aztecs became much more advanced and modernized in its comparison to the Mounds people. The cultures both use similar survival methods and are know for dividing their populace into class levels. Each culture’s religious rituals have exceptional differences. The Aztecs took their religious practices much more seriously and focused their efforts more on sacrificial acts whereas the Mounds people were more simplistic, primarily focused on Polytheism without the act of sacrifice. Each culture…show more content…
The Aztecs had capitalized on the trade of luxurious items such as jade, animal skins, and feathers. They traded over long distances and were known to trade surpluses of obsidian. Irrigation played an important part of their economy and allowed the farmers a way to receive water for their crops. The tribute system was implemented when the Aztecs began conquering other city-states and forced payment upon their conquerors in the form of goods, which can be related to today’s concept of taxation. The most recognized tribute was the forced upon tribute for the Aztecs to repay Spain. The others form of tribute was the nobles providing goods to the rulers of their locality. The Aztecs then took the form of a state government. The upper class consisted of the nobles and its main leader became Montezuma. The customs of the great city of Teotihuacán were used by the mexica about a decade after the lost of the Teotihuacan civilization. After the city was destroyed, the Aztecs would soon later begin the construction of one of the largest island cities in…show more content…
They originated in Northern and were considered to be the earlier inhabitants of the land. Their name was derived from the large amount of mounds that were built throughout America. The mounds people were primarily located east of the Mississippi river in states such as Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, and also in the Cumberland area that consisted of the Great Lakes region and the Atlantic cost. The largest majority of these mounds were located in the Mississippi and Ohio valleys. Various types of societies, ranging from sedentary farmers to mobile hunter-gatherers, built these mounds over a long period of time. These mounds were designed as burial mounds, individual or collective burial grounds. These burial mounds were popular during the Middle Woodland period. The temple mounds were highly common after A.D. 1000. These large mounds were mainly dome-shaped and appeared throughout Ohio and Tennessee River valleys, certain mounds appeared to look like animal shapes. In the Mounds Peoples’ culture, mounds were ranging from 2.5 to 120 acres, and some mounds reached 65ft, which is roughly 20 meters in height. One of the largest mounds ever recorded was at Cahokia Mound, which was near East St. Louis. This mound measured at 100 feet high and 975 feet long. While migrating, these archaic mounds people had to frequently change their daily living and clothing in order to survive the continually

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