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This is What it Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona and The Lesson both show the theme coming of age. In literary works theme is the term that infers or implies a concept of the work. The coming of age theme is shown in the stories because the main characters experience growth emotionally. In the story This is What it Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona, Victor the main character is learning to deal with the death of his father. His father has passed away in Phoenix, Arizona so Victor must gather the funds in order to travel there. While trying to gather the funds to get himself to Arizona to collect his father’s belongings Victor is reunited with a childhood friend, Thomas, which is willing to help. Thomas is not a well-liked person on the reservation, however by the end of the story Victor realizes that what he has here is a good friend. “Victor waved his arms to let Thomas know the deal was good. It was a fair trade, and that was all Victor ever wanted from his whole life.” The coming of age theme is shown here because through the emotional roller coaster of losing his father Victor “grows up” learning that even thou as he has grown into an adult he has shunned Thomas that after losing his father, Thomas is a really good friend. The Lesson shows the coming of age theme because the children within the story are of course learning a lesson. To grow up and become an adult all children need to learn lessons throughout their childhood. The lesson within the story is when Miss Moore is trying to show the children the value of money. These children are poor and they know how important and valuable money is. When Miss Moore takes them to the toy store, they learn just a little bit more how even thou they are poor that they put their money to better use than the rich. Only one of the children shows any interest in actually using their money to buy something so expensive from the

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