Compare And Contrast Letter From Birmingham Jail And A More Perfect Union

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Croy Vanderbeek English Composition I 111-24 O.C. Final Draft #2 March 5, 2013 Although Letter from Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King and A More Perfect Union by Barack Obama are different in many scenarios, they both deal with the on going issues that divide the American people by blacks and whites. Letter from Birmingham Jail was written in 1963 while Barack Obama’s speech A More Perfect Union takes place in 2008. Dr. King replies in a letter to eight clergymen whereas Obama is answering to the people of America about the remarks made by Reverend Jeremiah White. Each have there own unique way of showing the racial matter that is taking place needs to stop and actions need to be put in place. Even though the time period between these two events are well over fifty years these men show the same passion and cry to stop to segregation. The content talked about by each man deals with hope and fighting for what you believe…show more content…
Barack Obama and Martin Luther King both would stress that waiting will do absolutely nothing for the cause, to fight for what morally right is worth the pain, and lastly being an extremists sometimes is very positive when arguing for real solutions to real problems. These men not only stood up for what they believe in but a cause for the greater America. With Dr. King not knowing what could happen to him after jail and Barack Obama facing election each man chose to speak or write about what they believed in rather than what was better for them. It is in the way these two men respond to the situations they were put in that makes what they did so great. Instead of disowning and attacking, they understood and embraced. It is in their wisdom and knowledge, which helped them share to the people, keep calm, yet stay strong and push for what you believe
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