Compare and Contrast Islam and Christian Method of Spread Ap World Essay

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As we know today, there is a historical resemblance in the spread of Christianity to the spread if Islam as they affected places and the people they have conquered within the time of 600 BCE to 732 CE in the areas specifically in the middle east, Europe, some parts of Asia and in some parts of Africa, particularly Egypt. Compared to Islam, Christianity was more aggressive in their conquers within the era. This is because of several methods Christians used such as taxation, and conquests. As well as similarities in the use of missionaries, and other passive methods: including trade and the adaptability to the religion itself. Islam began centuries before Christianity by the Prophet Muhammad. As time progressed, and pilgrimage to Mecca has been promoted, trade had an outstanding resource of the spread of the religion. This specifically does not pertain to conquering, but influence. This clearly shows that the spread of Islam is passive than of the Christians and this elevated, social, political and social status of Muslims. Also this gave the civilians that were conquered adaptability to the religion. Unlike the Christians, who converted their conquered civilians by force. Another method that Islam gradually spread was through the use of one of their main pillars pilgrimage. Coming back from Makah, pilgrims would bring back the knowledge and the wisdom. Therefore this shows a passive method of spread, which encouraged the individuals in their homelands to convert to Islam. Unlike the Christians who do not have any form of pilgrimage. In contrast to Islam, Christians were more aggressive in their methods of spread compared to Islam. Taxation of Muslims in places they have dominated in areas such as Copts and Nestorians. In these areas Christians taxed them lower which caused Christians to rail to the Arabs for the

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