Compare And Contrast Indians And White Americans

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Many white Americans said that the Native Americans (plains Indians) were uncivilised savages because of the way they thought about their land, religion, morality, law, order and the Native Americans’ society was completely different to the white Americans. The plains Indians were very religious. They believed in the Great Spirit. They thought that the Great Spirit had created everything. The plains Indians didn’t really have a special religious day or building, their religious belief was basically nature. They would pray whenever they saw something really beautiful. The Indians also believed that when they died, they would go to place which they called the Happy Hunting Ground. However Christians (white Americans) believed that only Good…show more content…
The white Americans didn’t understand any of this and in their society everyone has to do what they’re told by their law which was made by the Government. For Indians ambushing an enemy and stealing their horse was a great thing to do. They thought by doing this they will become ‘big’ and respected within their tribe. Every young boy dreamed of winning a glory in battle. As I said this is how they gained respect and by doing this they could also gain a wife. Indians didn’t belief in dying in warfare because they thought dying in a battle was stupid as a dead brave couldn’t feed his family. However for the Americans stealing was a crime, and murders were killed or imprisoned. They thought that to be killed in a battle was an honour but to run away was cowardly. In conclusion you can see why white Americans society thought differently from the Indians society. The question still is why the white Americans and Indians didn’t take time to talk about their differences and to try to get on. Tara Barzinji

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