Compare And Contrast History Of Pct And Cbt

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What is Christian Counseling? Christian counseling is making practices, models, and techniques that allow for Jesus Christ-centered counseling. This means that the core belief of the Christian counselor is that true and lasting healing comes from God through Jesus Christ. Therefore, the goal of the Christian counselor is to help clients (counselees) develop healthy relationships with God through the knowledge of Jesus Christ, instructing them in the appropriate application of the Word of God (The Holy Bible) to the problems and challenges that are presented in the counseling setting. Who is Considered a Christian Counselor? Psychiatrists, psychologist, professionally trained counselors, social workers, mental health workers, pastors, church leaders, lay counselors, and those designated by their particular church denomination or organization of involvement, as counselors to others. They have received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of their lives and live accordingly. What is Lay Counseling? Lay counseling, broadly defined, refers to people-helping or care giving by nonprofessional or paraprofessional helpers with limited training or no training in counseling skills. It has continued to grow and mushroom in recent years in the area of Christian ministry, especially in the local church context, as well as in the secular mental health field. Ten Guidelines For Assessing the Competence of Lay Christian Counselors: 1. Are they not living in blatant sin? 2. Are they and their families spiritually and emotionally healthy? 3. Do they understand and use Scripture wisely? 4. Do they represent themselves accurately? 5. Do they refer when appropriate? 6. Do they request help for their own problems? 7. Do they practice within their level of training? 8. Do they maintain current awareness of pertinent new developments? 9. Do they use care when
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