Compare and Contrast High School and College

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High School vs College October 24, 2012 Writing Skills II High School vs. College Throughout the many different schools I have attended in my life, I have had a new and great experience at each one. I have met a lot of people, some of which I am still friends with today. I have had the best experiences in my high school as well as my college career, but the schools do differ. The schools differ in socialization, lunch, and schedule. The first difference is socialization. In high school people are social. I always ran into someone throughout the halls and conversed about whatever came to mind. I would always lose track of time unintentionally and end up arriving late to class. Everyone in my grade knew one another and would get together after school for activities such as, football, baseball, basketball. However in college students keep more to themselves; they are more likely to go straight to class than to stop in the lobby and have a conversation. Now, I go straight to class and have extra time to myself until class actually begins. Secondly,the lunch breaks differ in highschool in college. In high school, students eat with their peers. This was the perfect opportunity to get help with the homework. We were also able to go outside and play basketball during our lunch break. This was the time where students could meet up with their friends and socialize. In contrast college is completely different. I now eat with different people every day. None of them attend the same classes that I do. There is no basketball court outside, so I cannot go and play basketball like in high school. I see some friends during my lunch break, but it is only for a brief moment, so I do not have time to sit and have a conversation like I would in the past. Finally, the schedule in highschool i was so diffrent than the schedule in college.In high school I attended school

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