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Gage E. Yoder Dr. Ndiang’ui 09/21/13 Period 8 A Comparison of Religious beliefs of the Roman Catholicism, Lutheranism & Calvinism How England became protestant- in 1507 Henry VIII became king of England. Henry VIII was married to Catharine of Aragon; they had a daughter named Mary Tudor. Catharine could not have any more children, and Catharine was actually aunt to Charles V. Henry VIII was a very devout catholic, pope Leo X had given Henry VIII an award called “Defender of the Faith”. In 1521 when Charles V issued the Edict of Worms to Martin Luther, Henry VIII wrote a stinging letter denouncing Luther. Henry VIII always wanted to have a male heir. Catharine was over 40 years old and could not give birth. In 1527, Henry turned to his friend the pope for help. He wanted the pope to annul his marriage so that he can marry a woman who can give him a male heir. The pope refused because he did not want to upset Charles V. Henry VIII was furious. In 1529, he decided to take the matter into his own hands. He called parliament and asked the members to end the popes in England. Parliament approved it. It was known as the Reformation Parliament. Henry VIII became the head of Church of England. He appointed Thomas Cranmer as his archbishop. One man Thomas More opposed Henry VIII and parliament.…show more content…
Most parts of Germany were under princes who were under Charles V, the holy Roman. After Martin Luther posted the 95 theses, some German princes supported Luther. They were known as Protestants. Those who continued to support the Catholic faith were the loyals. Charles V waged war on Protestant princes. He defeated them in 1547. They however refused to rejoin the Catholic Church. In 1555, Charles V got tied on fighting. He invited all of the princes to the city of Augsburg. He allowed them to practice any religion the please. This is known as the Peace of
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