Compare And Contrast Haiti And Japan's Earthquake

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Gonzalez Jesse Period 3 5/5/2011 Japan and Haiti’s earthquake Japan and Haiti, two countries that got hit by enormous earthquakes. Japan of the richest countries in the world, was shookened by a 9.0 magnitude after a tsunami and then nuclear crissis. Haiti, one of the poorest countries, got hit by a 7.0 earthquake and then an outbreak known as cholera. Japans earthquake caused a lot of casualties , damage, and weakened its economy. Haitis earthquake had casualties, a lot of damge, and their economy was weaker than it was. Both countries were threatened by these big earthquakes that came unexpectedly. These earthquakes could help us prepare for a possible bigger one. Japan was prepared for the big earthquake, but they did not know that the tsunami would come. “The Japan earthquake was500 times stronger than the temblor that hit Haiti in January 2010, which was followed by a catastrophic tsunami.” Japans earthquake was far more dangerous than…show more content…
Haiti in the other hand, was not prepared for their earthwuake and they didn’t now expect an outbreak after. Haiti’s earthquake was big but not as big as Japan’s earthquake. Japan had a tsunami nuclear crissis, but they didn’t have an outbreak like Haiti. Both countries received horrible damage and the death toll in both countries were very high. In both places there were atleast millions of people who were homeless and some people were missing afterwards. One country was more prepared then the other but this will help all of us to be prepared for an

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