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Futurama and Home and Away are both very successful TV dramas, but have many contrasting points and comparisons. Is it the issues that make them unique? The characters and their stereotypes overlap slightly, but do they make the two dramas what they are? Maybe the film techniques used are what make them appealing? The episodes themselves are also widely varied, yet do they have comparisons? Some of the issues presented in these two shows are quite similar. For example, they are all realistic – they could be seen in everyday life, yet maybe not in the same settings. By this I mean, you may feel responsible for the death of a friend, but it may not involve a deadly space bee, like in Futurama. They are also to with relationships. These include Fry and Leela (love/liking each other) in Futurama, and in Home and Away, Cam betrays Martha – by setting fire to the pub she was locked in – and then Jack tries to get Martha back (they were together before Martha left Jack for Cam). The issues presented aren’t all the same though. Some of the different issues and differences between the issues include the facts that the episode of Home and Away was more to do with the betrayal of Martha. Cam (her ex-boyfriend) set fire to the pub she was locked in, while the particular episode of Futurama was more from Leela’s point of view. It told of her guilty feeling about Fry’s 'death' and her strange dreams where Fry visits her. Also, Home and Away had more focus to do with issues about love and friendships, while the main focus of Futurama was depression, leading to the thought of suicide, because of Fry's 'death' and Leela's guilty feelings. There are many similarities between the characters and their stereotypes of the two TV dramas. These include that the characters of both episodes look real. I don't mean that you would see an exact clone of Fry walking down the street, but

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