Compare And Contrast French And Spain Colonies

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After Columbus’s “discovery” of the New World, many countries strive to colonize it. In those countries, the main competitors were Spain, Britain, and France. Each colonized at different time and different locations with different objectives, but each country interact with each other directly or indirectly. Although the countries and their colonies are different, they share similar and different aspects. However, Britain’s colonies and its people were more influential to the New World than Spain’s and French’s colonies. The purpose of each country’s colonization was because of mercantilism. Each country wanted their mother country to profit from the New World. Spain was the first to successfully colonize the New World, and it held onto it until its unsuccessful attack on Britain’s navy. This led to the downfall of Spain’s colonies because it did not have enough money and power to govern its wide colonies. The colonies of Spain were mostly conquistadors who conquered Native American empires for gold and silver. Originally, its colonization was to outstrip Portuguese rivals. Spain’s first groups of conquistadors and settlers were all men. This limited the growth of the…show more content…
Its purpose was originally for gold, but they could not find any. The first settlers of Jamestown died because they neglected to farm for food and focused on searching for gold. Unlike Spain, Britain focused on plantations to make profits rather than conquering empires for gold and silver. Britain’s colonies were from the Atlantic Seaboard to the Hudson Bay Region and the Caribbean. This was a good location for Britain’s economy to base itself on planting tobacco in southeastern Americas, and sugar in the Caribbean. Similar to Spain, Native American crops like maize and potato provided a population increase in Europe. However, unlike Spain, this led to a large number of unemployment, and soon indentured servants came to
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