Compare And Contrast F. D. R's Attempts To Boost The Economy

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1) The first cartoon depicts the the difference between F.D.R.'s attempts to boost the economy before WWII and the effects that the war it self had on the economy. While F.D.R.'s attempts never seemed to make much of a difference, the war boom did the exact opposite. The tires with the words wages and prices depicts inflation and how the war boom raised the prices and wages too much and too fast. 2) The artist was definitely not in favor of F.D.R's policies because even before the war, they were not solid enough to create a favorable result. The air releasing from the tires while they are trying to pump up the wages and prices shows that Roosevelt's attempts to boost the economy was having little effect and when the war boom hit, he lost total control. 3) The second image is ironic due to the fact that the depiction of American life was glamorous and care free…show more content…
The visual of a happy family riding in a beautiful new car, in nice clean clothes represents wealth and opportunity. 5) The third photo suggests that everyone all over the U.S. was feeling the weight of the great depression baring down on them. While the people were looking for support from the government, they had to be turned away because the government it self was helpless. The photo proves that the great depression had overrun even the government. 6) Hoovervilles were named after Herbert Hoover because he was the president at the time of the great depression. The American people felt like he was to blame for the terrible economy because he raised taxes when he promised that he wouldn't as well as creating the Smoot Hawley tariff which eventually cut America off from foreign trade, tightening the grasp that the depression already had on the U.S. The negative view that the American people had of Hoover was not fair because he put forth more effort than any other president before him to pull America out of a
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