Compare and Contrast: Extending Human Lifespan on Diferent Perspective

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Introduction Extending a human’s life span is becoming a serious issue in the modern world that all of us live in. Various experts with different backgrounds came up with their own arguments, some agreeing and others disagreeing with the idea of extending human life span. There are many groups of people who even considered achieving human physical immortality. Who can blame them? Every human being desires to live long in this world. This leads to scientists conducting all sorts of experiments in order to find a way for human to achieve this. On the other hand, the effects of extending human life span are quite crucial. Social related problems may surface if a larger population of people were kept alive. In this report, we will elaborate further about how these experts deliver ideas, state arguments, and provide enough proofs to support their thoughts. We have studied and compared two different texts from different authors. The first text is titled ‘Don't Fall for The Cult Of Immortality’ written by S Jay Olshansky, PhD, who is a professor at the School of Public Health, UIC and author of The Quest for Immortality. The second text is ‘We Will Be Able to Live to 1,000’ written by Dr. Aubrey de Grey, retrieved from BBC news. Dr. Aubrey de Grey is a geneticist from Cambridge University that leads the SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence) project at the university and also runs the Methuselah Mouse prize for extending age in mice. We will discuss them further in the next part of the report. Main and Supporting Ideas: Similarities and Differences Generally, these experts are stating their opinions and thoughts on the idea about extending life span in both texts. We conclude each writer’s stand based on the text’s main idea, which differs from one another on their say regarding the extension of human life span. The first text’s thesis statement

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