Compare And Contrast Essay On The Right To Bear Arms

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POLS 107 Project 1 – Comparison Chart |Topics |Go-Getters |Democrat Party | |Gun Control | |Democrats support the right to bear arms, for| | |We as a people have to protect ourselves. Everyone does|all people, not just militia. | | |not have good intentions, and for this reason we need | | | |to be able to own a gun. We need to be able to protect | | | |ourselves from any dangers that may arise. | | | | | | |Education | |They support learning and in second chance | | |Education can carry a person a long way. Education |schooling. | |…show more content…
The main topic is however, should other people besides the police be able to carry and own a gun. I can say that we would all agree that guns or any type of weapons are not wanted in "just anybody's hands". However, this is the very reason we need to be able to protect ourselves. There are people in this world that are not mentally stable, and if they want to have a gun, they will have a gun whether obtained legally or illegally. This knowledge alone should make people understand why everyone should be allowed, at least given the opportunity to own a gun. It is our right to protect what is ours; it is our right to bear
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