Compare And Contrast Essay On The French And Indian War

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Jordin Williams 3/27/12 Second Essay- French and Indian War The French and Indian War was started mainly because of Mercantilism. Solely due to the continuous fights between France and Britain, who both wanted more rich land in order to become wealthier and more powerful. Another reason for the start of the war was Britain’s want of the French’s ever growing fur trade. With Britain expanding so rapidly, trying to conquer so much at one time they sank into an incredible debt almost seemingly inescapable. Seemingly, this war only seems to be between two countries in one area of the world, wrong; this seven year war had conflicts throughout Europe, India, and North America. The English and French battled for colonial power of North…show more content…
He sent a young Virginian officer by the name of George Washington, to deliver a letter demanding that the French leave the area immediately. Without surprise this attempt was a failure. Yet on his journey Washington saw a region of land where the Alleghany and the Monongahela for the Ohio, would be the next ideal location for a fort. Several years later, following the construction of the fort, the French immediately threw them out. After overthrowing the British fort, George Washington was sent out IN Charge of a group of soldiers to establish British control in the west. Right after learning of the fort he so founded had surrendered to the French; he launched a preemptive attack on their camp. This was the first engagement of the French and Indian War. Winning that strike George Washington was later beaten by a stronger force allowing the French to remain in control of the western mountains. Later Britain sent Major General Braddock as commander in chief of the British forces in America. Quickly setting in motions to capture Fort Duquesne formerly known as Fort Prince George; they were unexpectedly met by the French ten miles east of the fort. With a great lose even the general was killed. Luckily for the British, their luck was changing, for they won a battle on Lake George and also established two other

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