Compare And Contrast Essay On Technology And Brave New World

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Kanoe Kaaa October 14, 2011 English 12:00 MWF Technology & the Media Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman, and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley are both about technology and entertainment in which both authors have different views as to how the evolution of media and technology affects human connection and emotion. Both writers hold the view that man can manipulate and control a whole society. Huxley through his cloned people who are created to fulfill specific functions of this antiseptic world and Postman who sees man’s invention of technology and the views generated as a result, as revolutionizing all aspects of human society. Their approach to this idea is different in that Huxley, in order to make his world work, keeps his people distracted and controlled through brainwashing techniques and distractions, such as pleasures of the flesh. As for Postman, his view is that inventions, such as TV and other technical devices saturates us with stimuli to promote views that are not the social norms of a given period, has contributed to shaping changes in which we think and act accordingly. We have become so dependent on these devices that these inventions now control us. Amusement affects our everyday lives and changes our thought processes. As Postman states in chapter six,…show more content…
Huxley also predicts that complete power over citizens would be the normal way of life and accomplished by pre-conditioning all citizens to act/behave the same way, and believe in the same things. Just like an army of clones, the power that the World State has over its citizens has to do mainly with control of their mind and their thoughts. In the book, the Director feels that people should know very little about the “truth” and erase any conception they have of freedom or making choices. Everyone will be conditioned the same

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