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Girls Can We Educate Dads? & Love After Love (Looking Deeper?) compare & contrast Derek Walcott has written some nice poems in the twentieth century, but one poem that really stood out is “Love After Love,” which he wrote it in 1986. The poem is about self realization or at least, that’s what he disguised it as. He was writing about someone who has lost their self and needed to find their way back to reality. He also used religion in the poem as he pointed the readers toward God-realization while also making it relate to self-realization. Overall, the poem has way deeper meaning than anyone would think. The whole time while Derek is making it seem as though he’s making someone look into themselves and love themselves more, he’s really saying look into God. God is the “stranger” that he was talking about in the poem. He saying how that “stranger” has always loved you, took care of you, and looked over you, even when you didn’t know. James Berry was a Jamaican poet from the 1900s who wrote amazing poems. His poems were really popular and most of them are still being read even today. One of his poems that gets talked about the most is “Girls, Can We Educate Dads.” It’s a poem about a girl who dislikes the way that her father views and voices his opinion about girls. In the poem, he is stereotyping all girls about their thoughts and the way that he believes they act. The girl says that her father constantly says “a girl is a girl” about everything instead of listening and understanding. That part of the poem is sending the message that some people won’t change their opinion

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