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Victoria Harrison Eng121 Instructor: Robert Leahey Compare-Contrast Essay I would like to present a compare-contrast essay about the similarities between a narrative essay and a descriptive essay. While both writing styles are very similar in that they both explain events, persons, or places in detail, I feel the descriptive essay is a better style of essay writing. Narrative-A narrative essay is a story that is told about a place, event, or experience. It may be true, or false. Narrative essays are a reenactment or remembering something of significant like meeting the person that would later become your spouse or the events leading up to a very memorable day in your life. In a narrative essay generally no one really speaks, it is mostly actions and moments in time that cause you to reflect. Descriptive-A descriptive essay is meant to stimulate the five senses, sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. The writers description draws the reader into the story as if they are their. “To prove to me that this is true, she rummaged through a tote bag and a manila envelope and finally unfolded a sheet of typing paper and brought out her photographs. They were not pictures of family, or friends, or even a dog or cat, its eyes brown-red in the flashbulb’s light. They were pictures of a house. It was like a thousand houses in a hundred towns, not suburb, not city, but somewhere in between, with aluminum siding and a chain-link fence, a narrow driveway running up to a one-car garage, and a patch of backyard. The house was yellow.” This very description takes us to the nearly empty bus station, late at night and to a woman rummaging through her plastic bags for proof of a life she once knew and a family she may have left behind. I enjoy the descriptive essay style of writing because the writer takes you where he wants you to be just by merely describing

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